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By The Foot & Ankle Center, PC
December 06, 2017
Category: Diabetes Foot Care
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If you’re a patient with diabetes you know firsthand the importance of detecting and treating any potential wound or symptom that could develop into an ulcer. But foot infections are a risk for patients who do not have diabetes or autoimmune diseases as well. Necrotising fasciitis (flesh eating virus) and vasculitic ulcers (caused by an inflammation of micro blood vessels in your lower legs and feet) are two examples of conditions that can result in wounds. At The Foot & Ankle Center, PC we believe in a whole body approach to health care. In addition to the medications and therapies the foot doctor prescribes, you can speed healing of wounds and infections by boosting your immune system through the foods you eat. Below are 5 foods to add to your menus:

Garlic—it’s not just in vampire movies that garlic wards off bad things. Turns out it is rich in antioxidants and also has chemicals which have been shown to reduce the risk of certain diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Yogurt—if you choose brands that have live and active cultures you will be increasing the functionality and overall ability of your immune system. You’ll also get a shot of Vitamin D, another immune system booster.

Chicken—poultry contains two components that improve your body’s ability to fight infection. It is rich in zinc which can help produce new white blood cells and control inflammation, thereby increasing the efficiency of your immune response. It also contains iron, used to carry oxygen to your cells.

Kale—this leafy green is chock full of vitamin C. Long known as a defense against the common cold and other illnesses, vitamin C it turns out actually helps to replenish other antioxidants in your body as well.

Cauliflower—a vegetable rich in antioxidants in general, cauliflower has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. It contains glutathione, an antioxidant that is particularly known for fighting off infections and choline, a chemical that improves cell health.

If you believe you have a foot or other lower extremity infection your first step is to make an appointment at our Pooler, GA office by calling (912) 330–8885 so that our podiatrist, Dr. Leonard M. Talarico, can diagnose your condition and prescribe the correct treatment. Follow all the foot doctor’s instructions and do what you can to improve your immune response by eating the foods above, getting plenty of rest and keeping up your fluids.



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