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By The Foot & Ankle Center, PC
May 10, 2017
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May is Melanoma awareness month and this deadly skin cancer is of particular importance to us here at The Foot & Ankle Care Center, PC. Why? Although melanoma is the least common type of skin cancer it is responsible for the majority of skin cancer deaths. It has a high cure rate when caught early, but unfortunately, most cases found on skin on the feet are not detected until a late stage in the disease. We want to help change that by raising awareness among our patients about melanoma and offering some important tips on prevention.

Who’s at Risk?

Melanoma can strike people in any age group. In fact 25% of melanoma cases occur in people under the age of 45. Here are some other factors that increase your risk:

  • Having blistering sunburns before age 18

  • Fair skin; blond or red hair; skin that freckles

  • High number of moles on the skin (i.e., more than 50), especially if they first appeared when young

  • Family or personal history of skin cancer

Prevention Tips

Over exposure to UV (ultraviolet) light is the primary cause of melanoma. It’s important to note that the risk of exposure can be from a short-term intense exposure or from a lower amount of UV light over a long period of time. You can greatly reduce your risk of melanoma by doing the following:

  • Applying sunscreen to your feet (using the same amount and at the same frequency that you would for the rest of your body). This means the soles of your feet as well if you will by outside with your feet up by the pool, lake or ocean. On a daily basis, use sunscreen on your feet if you will be wearing open sandals or pumps without socks outside.

  • Avoid tanning beds.

  • Limit your time in the sun during the peak UV sun hours: 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

  • Wear water shoes at the beach or other swimming venues.

  • When you remove toenail polish check for spots on the skin under the nail.

Get in the habit of checking the skin on your feet for new moles or freckles or for changes in size, shape, thickness and color of any existing growths. If you have any concerns at all, contact our Pooler office by calling: (912) 330 – 8885 and let our podiatrist, Dr. Leonard M. Talarico examine your feet.



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