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By The Foot & Ankle Center, PC
October 03, 2016
Category: Senior Foot Pain
Tags: Bunions   Hammertoes   Arthritis   falling  

Secret Cause of Senior Falls

Although no one wants to go to the doctor, putting off treatment for a toe, foot or ankle condition can have severe consequences. Not only will most conditions worsen, leading to greater disability, but foot pain is a leading cause of senior falls. At The Foot & Ankle Center, PC we urge all our patients--but particularly seniors--to not delay in seeking an evaluation for foot problems. When you’re in pain, you tend to walk differently in an attempt to avoid putting pressure on painful areas. This leads to tripping or losing your balance and can cause you to fall. We see this happen to patients with several conditions including:
• Hammertoe
• Bunions
• Corns or calluses
• Arthritis

Not as Bad as You Think
The irony of the situation is that in many instances, the treatment for a foot issue is way simpler than you imagine. Ourboard certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Leonard M. Talarico has a good deal of experience in treating all of these and other conditions that seniors typically face. An examination of your foot, possibly accompanied by an x-ray or other imaging study will often lead to a prompt diagnosis. In many cases shoe modification, padding or orthotics can relieve pain and improve your ability to walk normally and comfortably.

More Ways to Prevent Falls
In addition to taking good care of your feet and dealing with problems in a timely manner, there are other ways to reduce fall risk.These include:
• Wearing properly fitting shoes with a good tread and avoiding high heels and flip flops
• Exercising to maintain and improve flexibility, range of motion and balance
• Removing tripping hazards inwalk ways in your home such as loose rugs and mats, plant stands, electrical cords and piles of papers or magazines
• Putting non-slip grips on stairs and in the tub and shower
Foot pain is not an inevitable part of aging. By taking good care of your feet you can keep up an active lifestyle and help prevent dangerous falls. As a senior, if you have any particular concerns or questions about your feet, please contact our Pooler office for an appointment.



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