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At The Foot & Ankle Center, PC we know that it can be difficult for parents to detect and analyze foot problems in children. Young children in particular may not be able to articulate where it hurts or what doesn’t feel right in their feet. Look for clues that they may be experiencing a foot problem:

  • Not wanting to play sports or participate in activities he or she normally enjoys
  • Limping
  • Walking on tip toes
  • An awkward gait when running or walking
  • Complaints of pain

Common Pediatric Foot Problems

Although many foot disorders that affect adults can also strike children, there are a few conditions that occur more frequently in children. These include:

Sever’s Disease—this disorder is characterized by severe pain in the heel. In children ages 8-15 the growth plate is not fully developed, leaving a weak area at the back of the heel that can become inflamed with repetitive stress.

Pediatric Flatfoot—many babies and toddlers appear to have flatfeet when they first start to walk but as baby fat diminishes and they mature the arch develops more fully. If a flatfoot condition exists it may become painful or children may complain of cramping in their feet or their knees and legs.

Ingrown Toenails—children’s feet grow so fast that parents may not notice that shoes and socks have become too tight. Cramped quarters can force toenails to start to grow back into the skin at the edges of the nail bed. As the nail penetrates the skin it can become red, swollen and very painful. It’s also possible for an infection to occur at the site.

Warts, Fungal and Bacterial Infections—all of these problems are spread by direct contact with the virus, bacteria or fungi causing the condition. Children are famous for sharing shoes and socks, using the same towel as their friends and going barefoot in public places such as community pools, beach bathrooms and changing areas.

Get in the habit of checking your children’s feet regularly. If you notice anything unusual or your child experiences any foot pain that lasts more than a few days, have their feet evaluated by our podiatrist, Dr. Leonard M. Talarico. Contact our Pooler office for an appointment by calling: (912) 330-8885.



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