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By The Foot & Ankle Center, PC
July 27, 2017
Category: Foot Surgery

Many foot conditions today, including bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes and arthritis to name a few, can be greatly improved through podiatric surgery. At The Foot & Ankle Center, PC, we always strive to treat your foot problems as conservatively as possible, but sometimes surgery is the best—or only—option. As a patient, there is much that is within your control that you can do to help ease anxiety and ensure that your procedure and recovery have no surprises.

Get the Facts—find out all the details of your procedure: where it will be performed, what type of anesthesia will be used, how long it should take and whether or not your surgery requires an overnight hospital stay. Our foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Leonard M. Talarico, will take the time to answer any and all questions that you have about an upcoming surgery.

Be Prepared—nearly as important as the information about the surgical procedure is what to expect afterwards. What will your recovery be like? How much pain will you be in and what options will be available to alleviate that pain? How long will you have to be off your feet? Will you need special equipment such as crutches or a knee scooter? The answers to these questions will help you know if there are any special measures you should take to plan for post operative care. For example, if your bedroom is upstairs you may want to temporarily relocate to a room on the first floor. Ask how long before you can drive and/or return to work too so you can plan your schedule and appointments accordingly.

Line Up Help—accept any offers of help! You will most likely need someone to drive you home after your foot surgery. Depending on the extent of the procedure, you may need someone to stay with you for the first few days at home. Other ways family and friends can help are making easy to reheat meals for your freezer and ferrying children to practices and activities.

In most cases, the relief is so great that patients wondered why they waited so long to have their foot surgery done. If you have additional questions about foot surgery, contact our office in Pooler, GA by calling: (912) 330-8885.

By The Foot & Ankle Center, PC
February 19, 2014
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Foot Surgery  

Foot SurguryWhen foot problems don’t respond to conservative treatments, your podiatrist may recommend surgery to relieve pain, correct a foot deformity or restore function in your foot and/or ankle. 

Podiatric surgery is performed by board certified foot surgeons who specialize in surgery of the feet and ankles. An expert podiatrist can diagnose the cause of your foot pain and determine whether surgical intervention may be helpful for you based on factors such as type of procedure being performed, your age and medical history.

The Foot & Ankle Center, PC offers a variety of surgical procedures aimed to solve your lower extremity pains and deformities. Foot surgery is performed to treat many foot problems including:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Fractures
  • Heel pain
  • Neuromas
  • Flatfoot
  • Warts
  • Nail problems

Surgical treatment for foot and ankle problems can help you return to your active lifestyle while relieving pain and discomfort.  Benefits of surgery include:

  • Resolution of painful, chronic foot problems
  • Increased mobility and ability to perform and participate in everyday activities
  • Improved foot appearance
  • Ability to wear a broader range of footwear and walk more comfortably

Following surgery, your podiatrist will provide you with detailed instructions on caring for your foot/feet during recovery.  Your podiatrist will work with you to ensure the foot heals normally and without complications for the best possible outcome.

When your feet hurt, your entire body hurts. At The Foot & Ankle Center, PC, we do everything possible to get you back on your feet with the latest conservative treatments to resolve your problem without surgical intervention. And when conservative methods aren’t responsive, we can provide the highest quality of expert care for all foot and ankle conditions using the most current surgical techniques for shorter recovery times and an enhanced outcome.


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