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By The Foot & Ankle Center, PC
August 08, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
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August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes your body to produce skin cells too rapidly. A common sign of psoriasis is red, scaly patches on your skin, but psoriasis can also affect your nails. Some of the symptoms of nail psoriasis are very similar to those of a fungal toenail infection. At The Foot & Ankle Center PC, we urge patients to bring any changes you notice in your toenails to the attention of our podiatrist, Dr. Leonard M. Talarico. The foot doctor will examine your nails and be able to determine the cause and proper treatment of the problem. Below are some symptoms of nail psoriasis:

  • Pitting—small indentations forming on the surface of your nails. The best way to describe pitting is to think of the surface of a thimble. In nails psoriasis, however, the amount of pitting can vary from patient to patient.

  • Detachment—the toenail can become separated from the underlying nail bed, causing a space to form under the nail. This is called onycholysis. Initially, you may see a white or yellowish patch starting at the tip of your nail and then extending down to the cuticle. Over time, bacteria can move into this gap and an infection may develop, which will cause the nail to become discolored and dark.

  • Subungual hyperkeratosis—this refers to the buildup of a chalky substance under the nail. This will force the nail to become raised and it will feel tender and painful when pressed. Wearing shoes can become quite uncomfortable if this occurs.

  • Fungal infection—to make matters more complicated, it’s estimated that about 35% of patients with nail psoriasis also have a fungal infection. The infection causes discoloration and thickening of the nails. This will affect the treatment for the toenails as both conditions will need to be addressed.

Nail psoriasis can be challenging to eliminate.  In addition to affecting skin and nails, psoriasis can also cause joint inflammation. It is a serious medical condition and requires a comprehensive treatment plan. The bottom line is, if you experience any changes to your toenails, don’t wait—make an appointment at our Pooler, GA office by calling: (912) 330-8885 so the condition can be properly diagnosed and the appropriate treatment started as soon as possible.


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