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By The Foot & Ankle Center, PC
June 23, 2017
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Most of the time we take our feet for granted.  When we consider all the hard work that are feet do, however, and what life looks like when our feet are not functioning properly and the limits that imposes on our active lives, it makes sense to invest some time in taking care of them. At The Foot & Ankle Center, PC, we want to educate our patients about what makes feet healthy and how to spot changes that may indicate a potential podiatric concern. Below are 5 signs that your feet are healthy:

  1. Absence of discomfort and pain. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: pain is not normal. It’s not an inevitable consequence of aging. In many instances, pain is the result of repetitive pressure on your feet, improperly fitting footwear or being overweight. If you have pain but are unsure of its cause, let our podiatrist, Dr. Leonard M. Talarico, evaluate your foot. Delaying treatment for foot pain almost always leads to worsening symptoms and a more difficult condition to treat.
  2. Good balance. Depending on your age, you should be able to stand on one foot with your arms outstretched to your sides and your eyes closed somewhere between 7 and 15 seconds. Good balance helps prevent falls.
  3. Flexibility. You should be able to flex all parts of your feet and toes without joint pain. Good tests of flexibility include being able to pick up a marble or small piece of cloth with your toes and being able to lower your heel off a step without pain.
  4. Normal appearance. Skin should be clear of rashes, redness, blisters and bruises. Swelling, change in the shape of your foot, corns and calluses may all indicate an underlying issue. Toes should all be straight and properly aligned.
  5. Full range of sensation. If you take the eraser on the end of a pencil and gently trace a line on the sides, bottom and top of each foot you should have equal feeling in all areas. Lack of sensation may indicate nerve trouble.

It takes only a few minutes on a monthly basis to check the above aspects of foot health. This small investment of time can have a big payoff in preventing debilitating and disabling foot problems. If you have any concerns about any part of your feet or ankles, make an appointment at our Pooler office. Not only will our foot doctor diagnose and treat your foot issue, he will also help you devise a health care regimen that will protect your feet and help you live the healthy lifestyle you love. Don’t put off getting a foot issue taken care of. Contact us today at: (912) 330 – 8885.


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