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At The Foot & Ankle Center, PC we want our patients to get back to basics—basic foot care that is. We spend a good deal of time watching what we eat, taking good care of our heart, sharpening our mind, etc. but it’s just as essential to be proactive in caring for your feet—after all they’re responsible for getting you where you want to go and performing even the most minor daily tasks. Here are some ways to ensure they stay healthy:

  1. Practice good hygiene. Wash your feet every day with a mild soap and warm water. Make sure you dry your feet completely (especially between each toe) and apply a talcum or anti-fungal powder if sweating is a concern.

  2. Get in the habit of doing foot checks. When’s the last time you really looked at your feet?! By paying attention to the shape, color, and skin and nails of your feet you are more likely to notice changes, even subtle ones that can signal the beginning of a foot disorder. Lumps, protrusions, peeling or blistering skin, brittle nails as well as changes in temperature are all symptoms to discuss with the podiatrist.

  3. Reduce your risk of injury. Try to avoid or severely limit your time barefoot. You are more likely to experience an injury or come in contact with a fungal infection if feet are not covered. Wear shoes that fit properly and discard them when they are worn out to decrease the risk of falling or twisting an ankle. Apply sunscreen at the beach and when wearing open shoes (yes, the skin on your feet is susceptible to skin cancer too).

  4. Take care of toenails. Always trim straight across (not curved) and not too short to help avoid ingrown nails.  (If you have diabetes or circulation problems, do not trim your own nails.)

  5. Don’t attempt “bathroom surgery.” Trying to cut out an ingrown nail, remove a wart or using old folk remedies can often cause more harm than good and add a bacterial infection to whatever else you’re suffering from.

Last, but perhaps most important, remember that foot pain is not normal! If you are experiencing soreness, chronic pain, stiffness, limited range of movement or any discomfort with your toe, foot or ankle, it’s time to have our podiatrist, Dr. Leonard M. Talarico take a look. Contact our conveniently located Pooler office for an appointment by calling: 912-330-8885.


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